Xbox Simpsons Skin Pack Will Released Next February

Microsoft surprises again with a new Skin Pack for #Minecraft, this time is The Simpsons, a TV series that has been around for decades.

The selection of the minecon capes is with the skills and intelligence of the players. The players are playing the games at the server with the use of the capes. You need to spend some time for the selection of the right pack of the Minecraft server. It will offer the best results to the individuals.

One of the best elements that Minecraft has to offer is the ability to change skins, playing our favourite game using familiar characters and world just makes this experience even better. For sure each of us have our own favs but something we can share is being happy when a new #Minecraft Skin Pack becomes available on any of the major consoles.

First we had Star Wars and Doctor Who skin packs for Minecraft and we couldn´t help it but to be over happy and to enjoy some great memorable moments with our favourite characters from each series. When that move came from Microsoft´s headquarters we knew that it would be just matter of time before we get more amazing instalments like Star Wars and Doctor Who Minecraft Skin Packs and the time has come to add a new item to the list.

The Simpsons, the popular TV series that has been around for decades creating all sort of situations around its protagonists being their only mission to make us laugh while we watch them smartly criticize society flaws.

Speaking of characters from The Simpsons it is important to say that among all skins that are available in this Minecraft The Simpsons Skin pack we can find: Bart, Lisa, Homer, Marge, Maggie, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph, the total of available skins will be 24 ¿Can you guess the rest?

The Simpsons Minecraft Skin Pack will be available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One next February with a value of $2 making it very affordable for all Minecraft players. Even when this Minecraft Skin Pack hasn´t been announced for Play Station Network, Microsoft has said that it is very possible that the release will happen later this year.

Are you ready to live your very own Minecraft The Simpsons adventure? Imagine rebuilding Springfield form the scratch or to give it your own touch, possibilities are endless and we must get ready to save several hours on the side in order to be able to enjoy this instalment at its best.

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