What Are The Reasons That Kitten Touch Your Face?

If you have a kitten as a pet, then it comes with many benefits which can surprise you. For example, if your little kitty is trying to put her face or paws in your face, then this means that she is trying to communicate with you. 

Kittens are like a sweet fluffy ball with fur which can be easily grabbed and hold your heart inside out. They are pure and are loved by all, with their instant connection that builds over time. You must make time from your schedule to spend time with a little kitty to have a positive and relaxing mood around the house. 

A kitten shows various behavior, which is not easily understood in the first place as there are many reasons why kittens touch your face with their face or paws. However, this can be understood by making time with your little kitty. 

  • Attention Seeker 

If you have a kitten as a pet, you will definitely relate that it is always roaming around you. a kitten is used to get attention through physical touch with you and its mother. When your kitten rubs its face around yours, then you should understand that they want attention. 

You can take it as a positive sign that your kitty gives you in terms of getting physical closeness with you. It is a way to show love and affection for each other. This is going to create a strong bonding with your kitten. 

  • Kneading 

At times, the kitty may also knead her paws onto your face or any other parts of the body, which shows she is attached to your affection, just like her mother. But, again, it is a way to seek attention and stimulate the milk flow for the purpose of nursing. 

This simply means your kitten is sharing her feelings and affection with you to show trust and connection. Your kitten is attached to you by showing this kind of behavior which is quite common to understand. 

  • Show Warmth 

A kitten pet is fond of showing love by enjoying around the house. For example, it may snuggle your neck or touch your face to hers. This comes to show the feeling of warmth and care for each other. Your touch and warm hug feel like home to the kitten. 

This makes the kitten comfortable to roam around you and get a soft touch from your hands on her body. They are fond of love through their mother, which kitty likes to see and feel from your touch on her body and face. 

  • Greet Each Other 

Kittens and other cats usually rub each other faces to show as a greeting with one another. By doing this, they feel the same and carry together as a member of the same pack. This will get them to know about your presence and give them a chance to identify easily. 

Sometimes, they suddenly bump on your face due to the compliment of attention. This behavior is done in order to get your attention and time for them. Strong bonding and affection are generated at this part. 

  • Play Time 

A cat or kitten can put her paws or face on you in order to invite you for play. They are bored and want to spend and enjoy time with you. You can give several little toys and catnip to engage the kitty in playing. By doing this, your kitty will be involved in playing and brings joyous around you. 

This is a very common behavior, which you can understand within a while. All you need to do is give your kitty a space to play around and spend time with them. This will increase the love and affection of you together. 


Having a kitten is a lot of fun, but it is important to understand their behavior. You might get confused at first times, but slowly you can develop the proper understanding of having kittens around. 

All the above activities show that your kitten wants quality time with you, which is shown by touching your face. They choose to remain near you by showing love and affection and getting your attention. So, whatever the reason is, you must spend time with your kitty. 

Paul Cantwell is a news writer from Singapore. He works for and has contributed thousands of content covering wide variety of topics