What Are The Different Types Of CBD Which Are Available In The Market?

There are plenty of ways to get your daily dose of cannabidiol (CBD) besides consuming oils, tinctures and edibles. Some people prefer ingesting their cannabinoids through a liquid form known as drops, which is why you’ll see it on many labels. However, there are other methods of consumption that have been gaining popularity lately due to their efficiency.

Gummies may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to CBD products, but they can be just as effective as any other method. You can consume them quickly and easily by simply popping one into your mouth or mixing with some water right before bedtime. This makes them a great way to supplement your nightly routine if you struggle getting through an entire night without falling asleep. You also don’t need to worry about having to put together a specific recipe — all of these products come in pre-made packages with a wide variety of flavors. If you find that you’re struggling to fall asleep, give this list of 9 best CBD gummies for sleep a try!

Stonyfield Organic Sleep Gummy Bears

These tasty treats contain 10mg of hemp extract per piece, and each package contains 25 pieces. There are four different flavors available: Strawberry Dream, Orange Dream, Blueberry Dream, and Lemon Dream.

CBD Life Organics

This product features a range of five flavors, including Cherry Dream, Mango Dream, Apple Dream, Green Tea Dream, and Lavender Dream. Each pack contains 50 pieces and has a recommended serving size of two capsules. The company recommends taking one capsule at least 15 minutes before going to bed, but feel free to take more than one if needed.

Luna Botanicals

The Luna Botanicals collection includes three types of gummies: Citrus Dream, Vanilla Dream, and Berry Dream. All of these products feature a suggested serving size of 2 – 4 pieces, depending on the flavor. They recommend starting with 1 – 2 pieces then increasing dosage according to your preference.

If you are taking cbd gummies for sleep reviews then it is must for you to check out all the reviews and ratings of your chosen CBD for sleep. If you find something suspicious then you can also choose any other type of CBD as they are present in abundance and anyone can make use of it for their better sleep.

Hemp Bombs

The Hemp Bombs range consists of six different flavors: Coconut Dream, Cinnamon Dream, Honey Dream, Blackberry Dream, Raspberry Dream, and Almond Dream. Each individual package contains 20 pieces, and the suggested serving size is 1 – 2 pieces. You should start off with one or two pieces and work up from there based on your taste preferences.

Mountain Rose Herbs

The Mountain Rose Herbs line offers several options with a focus on organic ingredients. The collection includes seven different flavors: Cranberry Dream, Ginger Dream, Mint Dream, Passion Fruit Dream, Pineapple Dream, Red Berry Dream, and Tangerine Dream. Each package contains 100 pieces and is available in various sizes.

Hibiscus Haze

The Hibiscus Haze collection offers three main flavors: Cherry Dream, Peach Dream, and Grape Dream. Each container contains 35 pieces and is available in three different sizes: small (1.5 oz.), medium (3.75 oz), and large (7.5 oz).

Purely Decadent

You can choose between a range of five flavors: Chocolate Dream, Strawberry Dream, Peanut Butter Dream, Cacao Dream, and Coffee Dream. Purely Decadent packs contain 60 pieces and are available in three different sizes: small (0.75oz), medium (1.25 oz), and large (1.5 oz).


The Elixinol brand offers a number of different products in addition to its gummies. You will find everything from topical balms to oral sprays, as well as CBD-infused lip balm.


This product consists of eight different flavors, including Vanilla Dream, Chocolate Dream, Blueberry Dream, Peach Dream, Lavender Dream, Orange Dream, Strawberry Dream, and Pineapple Dream. Each single pack contains 30 pieces, and the suggested serving size is 2 – 3 pieces. To make sure you know how much you should be eating, Panda Pow suggests starting out with half a piece, then moving up gradually until you get used to the effects.


The PharmaCann line of products offers four different flavors: Choco Dream, Lemon Dream, Mango Dream, and Wild Berry Dream. Each package contains 40 pieces and is available in three different sizes: small (0.8 oz), medium (1.6 oz), and large (2 oz).

With so many different products to choose from, you won’t have trouble finding one that suits you and your needs. However, if none of them appeal to you, you can always opt to purchase a pre-made blend from any reputable online store. We suggest looking at the reviews to ensure you pick a manufacturer who carries quality products.

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