What Are The Basic Steps For Preparing A Gravity Glass Bong?

Gravity bongs are pretty cool, and they’re not hard to make. If you have a few spare hours or days, it is possible to make your own gravity bong step by step.

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

You will need some plastic tubing, a glass jar, two bowls (one for water and one for ice), a funnel, and a funnel wrench. You can use any plastic tubing that you would normally drink from but if you’re just getting started you might want to pick up some cheap plastic tubing at the grocery store. The tubing should be at least 2 inches in diameter.

The glass jar must be clean and sterilized before using. You can run it through the dishwasher if you like, but make sure you get rid of all the soap residue before you go on to the next step!

A bowl full of ice is ideal for making an awesome gravity bong, but it doesn’t always exist so you may have to improvise. A large container with an airtight seal is perfect. A small container works too, but you may not be able to keep it completely submerged because there isn’t enough room to fit the airtight seal inside.

Get yourself a funnel. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to work well. This is especially important when pouring liquid into the bowl. Get rid of any old wicks sticking out of the funnel.

Finally you will need a funnel wrench. This is a tool that fits over the end of the funnel where it narrows. Without this tool it is impossible to remove the funnel from the jar or other container. The funnel wrench can help prevent leaks while you pour liquid into the jar or other container.

It comes in a variety of options, sizes, colours and shapes for consuming Best Bongs. You can also create a DIY bong as per your requirement and size with the help of a plastic bottle. There is an anatomy of bong which one should consider in terms of preparing it such as mouthpiece, chamber, base, stem, and bowl.

If you don’t already have these items, you can purchase them online. But if you’re going to make a gravity bong, why not make them yourself?

Step 2: Fill the Jar With Water

First things first, fill your jar with water. Use a funnel and carefully place it in the bottom of the jar. Once the water is in place, put the cap back on the jar and shake it vigorously. Do this until the water is mixed throughout the jar. Now let the water sit for about 15 minutes to allow it to absorb into the porous material of the jar.

After 15 minutes, take off the cap and look through the hole in the middle to see how much water has gone down the tube into the bowl. If it looks like too much water has made its way into the jar then give it another minute or two before proceeding. When you’re happy with the amount of water in the jar, screw on the cap again and set the jar aside.

Step 3: Prepare the Ice

To prepare the ice, fill a second bowl with water and add salt. Stir the mixture until it becomes clear. Next, put the jar of water you filled earlier into the freezer. Allow the water to freeze as fast as possible. After the water is frozen solid, start adding the ice to the jar slowly. The key here is to use a funnel to ensure that no water gets into the space between the jar and the ice. Add more ice every time you think the jar is almost full. After the last scoop of ice is added, screw on the cap and let the ice settle for 5-10 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Tie Down The Tubing

Now that the ice is settled, tie the tubing to the bottom of the jar using the funnel wrench. Start by wrapping both ends of the tubing around the funnel and tighten with a clamp. Then cut off any excess tubing. Repeat this process with the other end of the tubing. Be careful not to cut yourself when removing the tubing from the funnel. Finally, wrap the tubing tightly around the jar.

Step 5: Add Liquid

Next, place the mouth of the jar directly over the top of your funnel. Slowly pour the liquid you prepared in the previous step into the jar. Keep the bottle upright and continue pouring until the liquid reaches the halfway point of the jar. If you notice any leakage, gently lower the jar and try again. Pour the liquid as far as possible without spilling any. Let the liquid settle for about 20 minutes before starting the next step.

Step 6: Clean Up The Surroundings

Take the jar outside and throw it away. Wash your hands thoroughly and dispose of the used materials. Before putting the jar away, wash the parts of the equipment you did not previously clean. Then wash everything once more as a final precaution.

Step 7: Dry Everything Off

Dry each part of the gear with a towel or paper towel. Don’t forget to dry the funnel too. Once everything is dried, put the pieces together and check to see if anything was damaged during the steps above.

Step 8: Enjoy Yourself!

When you’re ready to smoke and enjoy your homemade gravity bong, simply pull the jar apart and insert the tube into your mouth. Slowly inhale through the tube and enjoy the hit!

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