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What Are The 5 Best Ways To Get More Views On Instagram Stories?

If you want to get more views on your Instagram stories, then it is important for you to engage your friends as well as followers. This is the only way through which you will get a maximum number of engagements on your IG profile. It is a good approach to go for IG stories because through this, and you will get the accessibility of active followers that helps you to grow further. It is also important for you to post shareable stories. When you tag your friends and followers in your story, then it will help you further. As a reason, they will share your story with their friends, which will automatically increase the number of views as well as followers on your IG profile. 

When you post stories consistently, then it Instagram algorithm over your profile will be maintained. It will also conduct a regular interval through which you will get the benefit of getting more views on your profile. For increasing viewers on your IG profile, there are some 5 best ways which you can consider and listed in the lower section such as:

5 valuable ways to get more views on IG profile:

  1. Using the right hashtags and keywords: If you want to get high engagement and loyal views from your followers onto your IG profile, then you are required to use hashtags as well as keywords. By using them, it will help you to grow your IG profile fast as well as a high engagement will be created here. To get more information about getting more views on your IG profile, you can also view this page. Choosing the right way of mentioning hashtags is very important because it will become easy for the viewers to look at photos and videos. Just like you are using a hashtag, using keywords is also beneficial. You can also mention a keyword on your profile’s bio. 
  2. Tagging location: when you will go for location tagging then it will eventually help you to get a new audience and followers on your IG profile. It is also considered as an appropriate way through which people will see the desired location, which you have tagged in your story and profile further. Through this, you will not get high engagement but also views on your stories as well as increasing in followers on your IG account. 
  3. Always trying replying to messages: if you are running a business account, then it is very necessary for you to try and reply to all the messages out there. As a reason, it will help you to gain followers, and people will look towards your account in a genuine manner. You need to make your followers believe by giving a reply to their DMs. 
  4. Do highlights: when you are posting something relevant on your story over your IG account, then always do highlight them. As a reason, a story will only appear for 24 hours on your profile, and after that, it will disappear. When you will do highlight, then your audience and followers will see the story again. It is the best way through which you can keep all your best stories in your account, and your audience will also view them anytime they want. 
  5. Choosing an accurate time for posting stories: if you are travelling somewhere, then you should choose the right time in terms of exciting your audience. Do not post randomly because it is very important to choose the desired time so that your followers will watch them. You need to maintain a proper time and scheduling through which you can activate followers and audiences to visit your profile and look for stories you have mentioned. 

Despite of all the 5 valuable ways to get more views on IG profiles, you can also mention your loyal followers on your stories and through DMs. By doing this, it will depict that you are activating followers onto your profile. This is the best way through which a high engagement will be created in your entire IG profile. It will also help you to make your page grow faster so that you will be able to get the maximum benefit throughout. 

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