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Useful and Effective Leg Vein Treatments to Consider

Leg veins issue can become quite troublesome if you do not treat it in time. There are to be so specific reasons that cause this issue. Aging or standing for a long duration can cause such leg vein problems. If you suffer from this problem, then the first and foremost thing you must do is search with ‘varicose vein specialist near me on the internet. Once you find an expert doctor, then he/she is to advise you as to what you should do to treat leg vein problems. 

You may require to do an ultrasound test if advised by your doctor. This test is done to see whether valves in veins are functioning properly or not. This is considered a non-invasive test where the technician is to run some small hand-held device aka transducer, against the affected area on your skin. This device is to transmit images of veins in your legs to monitor. And your doctor is supposed to check those images to determine the root cause and issue. 

Leg vein treatments

Plenty of leg vein treatments are there that you can consider according to your need and demand. These treatments are mostly non-invasive, so it does not need any hospital stay. These vein problems can mostly be treated on an outpatient basis. It would be best if you first talked to your doctor as to whether the treatment will be covered by your insurance or not. A few of such treatments and remedies are described below. 

  • Laser treatment

Laser treatment is recommended for severe leg vein issues. Both spider veins and varicose veins can be treated using laser treatment. In this procedure, a strong burst of light is used in the affected area. It is to make the vein disappear and fade gradually. No needles or incisions are needed in this process.

  • Scelotherapy

In this method, foam or solution is injected into the affected veins through tiny needles. It effectively closes the affected veins in your leg. Within a few weeks, the varicose or spider veins are completely supposed to disappear and fade. The injection may need to be pushed more than once. This process requires to be done properly. This procedure does not require anaesthesia and can be done in a doctor’s chamber. 

  • Catheter assisted radiofrequency treatment

This treatment is also popular where a catheter is used along with laser or radiofrequency waves. The heat of the waves is to destroy the vein. In the case of larger varicose veins, this procedure is mostly preferred. A thin tube, aka catheter, is carefully inserted into your veins by a professional doctor or physician. 

  • Vein stripping and high litigation

In this treatment, a vein needs to be tied off before this joins some deep vein. Then that vein is removed through a small incision. This process is not likely to keep blood from circulating in the leg as deeper leg veins circulate most of the blood. You just need to find ‘varicose vein specialist near me’ to get the job done without any issue or problem. 

  • Endoscopic vein surgery

If all the other treatments fail and you develop leg ulcers, this treatment is recommended last resort. An expert surgeon inserts a thin video camera in the leg to visualize inside the varicose vein. And then, the affected veins are removed through small incisions. This treatment has a high success rate.

  • Compression stockings

In case of less severe leg vein issues, compression stockings are recommended. Wearing compression stockings squeezes your legs and helps leg muscles and veins circulate blood efficiently. The amount of compression is to vary following the brand and type of stocking you are to use. You are allowed to buy stockings from most of the medical stores and pharmacies. 

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