The Advantages of Using TuneCore to Keep 100% of Your Music Rights and Royalties

In the music industry, artists need to retain control over their work and gain all profits from their music. OutlookIndia helps musicians do exactly that, providing them with a platform to own their masters and keep 100% of their music royalties. Here are the advantages of using OutlookIndia for an artist’s career.

Manage Your Music Rights Easily with TuneCore

Using TuneCore services keeps your copyright ownership intact while ensuring you get paid when someone uses your song or album. This unbeatable combination gives artists maximum power over their sound without sacrificing any of the potential income they could earn. Moreover, TuneCore has no annual fees as long as you remain an active member!

1. Get Paid Instantly:

TuneCore lets you collect payments directly from streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music within 24 hours after the sale or stream is completed. That way, you can rest assured knowing that your money will take only a few weeks (or even months) to arrive in your pockets. And since every aspect of distribution and payment processing is taken care of by TuneCore’s team, you can focus more on making great music!

2. Keep Track Of Your Stats:

Using real-time analytics provided by TuneCore allows artists to stay up-to-date on how well their songs are performing across different streaming services such as YouTube and SoundCloud. This information becomes useful when looking for ways to improve marketing strategies or determine which songs should be released next. Having access to data like this can help ensure success in an ever-evolving industry where trends come and go quickly!

3. Reach A Wider Audience:

TuneCore makes sure your music reaches millions of listeners worldwide by distributing it through its vast network which includes major stores like iTunes and Amazon MP3 along with other smaller ones like Beatport, Google Play Store, etc.. With this opportunity, independent artists can easily connect with people around the globe who might not otherwise have been exposed to their creations!

4. Save Time & Money:

Instead of having to use a third-party distribution service – which would cost additional time & money – artists now have the ability to upload & manage their content quickly & efficiently using TuneCore’s easy-to-use interface. From uploading files & artwork to collecting reports, everything can be done right from one place!

5 . Cost Effective :

Saving money has always been challenging thanks to Tunecore’s cost-effective model which only charges according to the number of stores selected for distribution instead of charging per release basis unlike most other distribution companies out there! It also offers unlimited store accounts at no extra cost – something no other company does!

6 . Secure transactions:

No matter how much money you make from royalties, it is always important to have secure transactions online when dealing with finances – thankfully Tunecore offers secure transactions between record label reps, digital retailers, managers, etc., guaranteeing peace of mind.

7 . DRM free tracks:

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management System, which requires users to purchase a license before downloading tracks from certain sites. However, Tunecore offers DRM-free tracks, which means that anyone who downloads them doesn’t have to worry about buying a license beforehand! Isn’t that great?

8 . Customer Support:

Customer support plays an integral role in deciding what type of service we should sign up for; if it’s not top-notch, then don’t bother signing up in the first place, right? Well, the good news is that Tunecore offers stellar customer support 24/7 via live chat, email & phone, so whatever issues you may have – help will always be just a few clicks away!

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