Stonehenge: Facts, History, Location, and Map

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England. It was built between 3000 and 2500 BC by the Neolithic people who lived there. The site is made up of a circle of stones surrounded by earth that covers an area of about 50 acres (20 ha). A large number of stone circles can be found throughout Europe and are considered to be one of the most important sites for archaeologists. 

Many theories have been put forward regarding the purpose of Stonehenge. Some believe it was used as a burial ground, while others believe it was used for religious purposes. Other theories include it being a kind of calendar or astronomical observatory. Today, it’s difficult to know exactly what Stonehenge was used for. Know more on

The stones were first discovered in 1730 by workers digging gravel deposits for the construction of a nearby house. The landowner allowed them to remain on his property to give them a proper burial. When the workmen went back to work after the new owner had taken over the land, they realized how beautiful the stones were and decided to keep them. So began the restoration of the stones. This process continued until 1882 when the stones were finally placed on public display. 

Some of the best places to visit Stonehenge include Avebury, Salisbury Cathedral, and Bath Abbey. All three are great places to explore and you should definitely make time to see at least two of these locations. There are also many other interesting things to see and do in this part of Britain. 

In this article I’m going to list my five favorite Stonehenge tours, so you can decide which one suits your schedule and budget best. 

1) Stonehenge Tour – Discover Stonehenge Tour 

This Stonehenge tour includes everything you need to know about Stonehenge including its history, architecture, and archaeology. You’ll get an insight into why the monument remains popular today. 

As a bonus, you’ll also learn all about the surrounding landscape and the ancient monuments that surround it. This tour is ideal if you’re interested in learning more about Stonehenge and want to enjoy a good walking tour with plenty of information along the way. 

2) Stonehenge Tour – Ancient Stonehenge and The World Heritage Site Tour 

At this Stonehenge tour, you will discover the true secrets behind the world famous landmark. You will find out about the different theories of how the monument came to be and the different periods of Stonehenge’s history. 

You’ll also get to see some of the other amazing buildings around the area including Avebury and Silchester. If you love history, you will really benefit from this Stonehenge tour. 

3) Stonehenge Tour – Secret Stone Age Secrets Tour 

If you prefer to go on a tour that focuses mainly on the history of the monument rather than its architecture, then this might be right for you. On this tour, you’ll learn all about the history of Stonehenge, including the reason it was constructed, who built it, and who used it. 

You’ll also find out how Stonehenge changed through the years and how certain features got added onto the monument. This tour is perfect for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the past of this fascinating place. 

4) Stonehenge Tour – Stonehenge & Avebury Tour 

On this Stonehenge tour, you will find out all about the history of the monument including the various theories behind its creation. You will find out about Stonehenge’s role in the culture during the Neolithic period, and how it became an important part of British society. 

Other topics covered on this tour will include the meaning of Stonehenge, the location where the monument is situated, the types of ceremonies performed at the site, and the reasons it has become such an iconic symbol of British history. This tour provides excellent coverage of the subject matter and is ideal for those looking for a quick overview of everything related to Stonehenge. 

5) Stonehenge Tour – Stonehenge Hidden City Tour 

It doesn’t take long to realize that Stonehenge has a lot of stories to tell. This Stonehenge tour takes you deep into the history of the monument, revealing all the secrets that have been hidden beneath the surface for centuries. 

You will learn about the different phases that Stonehenge went through over the course of its history, including the different buildings that were attached to it. You will also be able to learn about the people who used the monument, and why they chose it. 

You will also learn about the theories that are currently held by academics concerning the purpose of the monument and the rituals that were performed at the site. 

These tours are ideal for anyone who is curious about the history of Stonehenge and wish to gain a better understanding of its significance. They provide an excellent starting point for your journey into the past.

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