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Portable Air Conditioner Where To Buy And What To Look For

Summer is approaching and so the demand for air conditioners. So, if you are planning to buy portable air conditioners to beat the scorching summer heat, then you have come to the right place. Here we’ll guide you about the things you must look for while buying a portable unit and what are the brands that you can consider to ensure brand value and comprehensive warranties at competitive rates.

Market is flooded with electronic consumer brands. It gets quite difficult to choose any particular company, when each of them claims to provide best quality at best possible prices. The pricing and warranty period of each brand will differ from brand to brand. Your task is to look for a company that has the brand value and provide comprehensive warranties at competitive rates. You can consider big brands like New Air, Hitachi, Honeywell and so on while purchasing.visit for more detailed information.

The basic point is you can also go for a less popular brand if all the conditions are being fulfilled for 30% lesser price. In this article, we have put efforts to shortlist some of the most preferable brands that you can consider to buy portable air conditioners. You can find these brands on all popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon and choose the one which perfectly suits your requirement and budget. Portable air conditioner reviews available on the e-commerce sites will also help you to make the right choice.

New Air –

Founded in 2002, NewAir is the premier provider of appliances built to match the busy lifestyle of today’s generation. The company has been able to maintain a brand value for its name, With a motto of provide high quality products with a defined style, ease of use, and efficiency they have an exclusive range of portable air conditioners available at a price range of $250 to $650 dollars.

Honeywell –

Well known as a global technology leader in energy efficiency, Honeywell products are mostly preferred for clean and efficient energy performance. The quality and brand value of Honeywell can be determined from being one of the Fortune 100 companies in the world. If you are looking for environment friendly and energy efficient portable ac units, then Honeywell can be a good option. Available at a minimum price range of $399 it can go upto $1000 depending upon your preference.


With a motto to redefine today’s living, Whynter have a record of manufacturing exceptional quality products. The features incorporated in Whynter appliances are built to make the present day’s life comfortable and easy. The price range for portable air conditioners by Whynter begins from $400 and goes up to $600 for medium specifications.


It is considered to be an industry leader in portable and compact appliances. The company specializes in portability, functionality and European styling. if you are looking compact and sleek air conditioners, then Edgestart should be your take.They provide high quality products at affordable rates. The price for Edgestar portable air conditioner begins from $250.checkout more information.

By doing a little bit of online, as well as offline research will help you find the best type of portable air conditioner to satisfy your needs. You can also go through the portable air conditioner reviews available on amazon (just see all of the positive reviews here). It will help you choose the best model and make as per your requirements.

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