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Heat Pumps: A Home Heating Solution for the 21st Century, with an Affordable heat pump price

The 21st century has seen a rise in energy-efficient and cost-effective home heating solutions. Heat pumps are quickly becoming one of the most popular options due to their efficiency and affordability. Heat pumps provide homeowners with a more sustainable way to heat their homes while still enjoying great comfort levels. In this article, we will […]

Small Room to Big Dreams: How Narivoodi Bunk Beds make it Possible

Creating a Home that’s Built to Last: Quality Materials and Construction

Comparing Prices Between Varieties of Briketts On The Market

The Benefits of Installing Pleated Curtains


4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using This Adderall

Adderall is a powerful stimulant medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in both children and adults. It can be beneficial for those who have difficulty focusing or experience excessive levels of mental distractibility. Adderall has recently become increasingly popular among college students, professionals, and entrepreneurs seeking an extra edge over the competition. […]

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Exploring The Evidence-Backed Health Benefits Of Using Canada CBD Oil

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Unlocking All The Features That Come From Practicing Daily 2 Minute Affirmations

You have likely heard about affirmations, and how they can help to manifest the life of your dreams. But what if we told you that by doing just two minutes of daily affirmations, you could unlock a world of potential and success? In this article, we will discuss all the wonderful features that come from […]

Passing a mouth swab drug test

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Kirloskar Generator: Eco-Friendly and Reliable

Selecting the type of generator that you need for power consumption depends on the types of objects or machinery that you need to power on an everyday basis as well as those devices which you need to power during emergency situations.

Many brands of generators exist, and the Kirloskar generator is one that offers both the power source that you need built with an eco-friendly system that is healthier than other generators for the environment.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the background of the Kirloskar generator. This is the first generator of its kinds made by India manufacturers that has met the stringent requirements and norms set forth by India’s Central Pollution Control Board from the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Before you settle on the Kirloskar generator or another brand, however, you first need to determine the types of loads that you need your generator to carry. The first type of load is a reactive load, and these include things such as circular saws, construction tools like drill and pumps, as well as air conditioners and even fluorescent lights. Reactive loads actively draw power from your generator.

On the other hand, resistive loads are objects that you need to power even though they may not be actively using your generator’s power source; these are things such as coffee makes, frying pans, as well as

Standard light bulbs.

The Kirloskar generator can handle both resistive and reactive loads, which means that you can use it in a variety of power situations. For example, if you need back-up power to run your household lighting system or you need active, portable power at the worksite, the Kirloskar generator has solutions for both of these situations.

The Kirloskar green genset model comes in a variety of models, such as the power genset, air genset, and the silent genset. As such, each of them offers a slightly different advantage depending on your needs and specifications. However, a few of the overall characteristics that you can expect from the Kirloskar brand is reliability, durability, and high performance.

Perhaps one of the most popular Kirloskar generator models is the silent genset. Not only is this a high-powered device that can be used with a variety of loads, but it is known for its low maintenance costs and durability.

An efficient system that uses a unique system for lowering noise levels, this Kirloskar generator contains a low-fuel consumption system and is eco-friendly as well. Thus, this gives you a lower overall operating cost when using the silent genset model.

The Kirloskar generator is used in all types of industries, including agricultural, construction, and industrial. It has also been used in the marine and oceanic industry. Overall, Kirloskar offers a reliable brand of generator which competes with nearly every other type of generator in the world.

It’s reliability and eco-friendliness contribute to a trustworthy generator that has been used by thousands of customers.

Chronic Constipation Symptoms Signs Recognize

What Are Normal Bowel Movements?

Most people don’t like to discuss their bowel movements and other bodily functions; however, if constipation becomes a chronic problem, there can be many health problems that arise as a result. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of chronic constipation and when a doctor should be consulted.

The first ting to note is that there is one definition of normal when it comes to defining frequency of bowel movements. Everybody’s body is different and what is normal for one person might be abnormal for the next. The only thing that can be defined is what a normal stool should be and then use that as a gauge. Normal stools should not be hard or lumpy; rather they should be formed and slightly soft. This allows them to pass through the bowels without straining. If this is not the case or the bowel movements suddenly change, a doctor should be consulted.

Common Signs of Constipation

It is important to recognize the signs of constipation so that a medical doctor can determine if there is something wrong with the bowels that need to be medically treated. While it is true that everyone’s bowel movements are different, there are certain symptoms that cannot be overlooked. Some of these include:

Reduced bowel movements:

The frequency of bowel movements varies from person to person; however, a person should know their own body and how often their bowels move. Once the realization occurs that the bowels are not moving as often as they should, this should be considered a symptom of constipation.

Harder than normal stools: Again, this is going to be unique to each individual. However, when it becomes obvious that the stools are harder than normal, constipation is most likely the culprit.

Straining and difficulty having a bowel movement: If passing stools becomes difficult and staining is involved in having a bowel movement, constipation should be considered and a doctor consulted if this lingers.

Incomplete emptying of bowels: If, after emptying the bowels, the body still feels as though it needs to be emptied, then constipation is the culprit. The feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowels is an uncomfortable feeling.

Alternating diarrhea and constipation: Chronic constipation can cause the bowels to go through periods of diarrhea and constipation. The diarrhea is not truly diarrhea but more of a backup of fecal matter that is able to get around the obstruction that is causing the constipation and thus appear to be diarrhea.


Chronic constipation can cause bloating due the body not emptying the contents of the stomach as is should. This bloating can be uncomfortable and cause swelling.

These symptoms alone are not indicative of chronic constipation. In order to be considered chronic, the symptoms must have been longstanding or at least longer than what is normal for the person that has not had a bowel movement. However, if the constipation has bleeding or severe pain, a doctor should be consulted regardless of the timeframe.

Possible Causes

Constipation is typically a symptom of another medical condition, not necessarily the condition. A visit to the doctor will be needed if the constipation starts suddenly or doesn’t respond to typical home remedies such as adding fiber to the diet or taking a laxative.

The doctor will ask a series of questions and possibly do tests in order to determine what is causing the constipation. Some of the typical causes include obstruction of the bowels, muscle control, medical illnesses and more.

If an obstruction is the cause of the constipation, the doctor can manually remove the impaction or prescribe an enema. Once the impaction is removed, bowel movements should revert to normal.

If an illness is the cause of the constipation, the doctor will first have to treat the illness in order for the constipation to go away. This can vary from person to person and case to case.

Many medications can cause constipation, such as pain killers. Individuals who have to take these medications for long periods of time may need to include additional fiber in their diet in order to keep their bowels moving regularly.

Doctors can use many different tools to determine what is causing constipation. Today, there are microscopic cameras that can be swallowed in a pill. These cameras record the entire digestion process and show doctors what is occurring in the body. This allows them to get to the root of the constipation and treat it appropriately.

Chronic constipation is an uncomfortable condition that can affect everyday routines. Eating becomes near impossible due to the overly full feeling in the stomach; straining to pass stools can cause tears in the skin tissue which is known as hemorrhoids and the pain can be severe. The family doctor should be consulted if constipation lasts for more than a few days and doesn’t respond to normal treatment.

Annual Furnace Tune Up Checklist

Before the harvest time evenings set in, you have to make an arrangement for your heater’s yearly checkup and Furnace Repair. Without this yearly cleaning and review, a framework can destroy itself rapidly, pump destructive carbon monoxide into your home, or just quit working.

What kind of system will be required?

We asked This Old House pipes and warming master to demonstrate to us the correct strides that an administration expert would take after for an oil-blazing constrained Furnace Repair, the nuts and bolts on a gas framework are comparable. In both, fuel is blended with air and lighted, warming a fixed chamber. Crisp, sifted air then blows over the outside of the hot chamber and into the warming conduits. Homes with radiators have boilers rather than heaters. These warmth water rather than air, however the yearly checkup is comparable. In all, the hazardous fumes from the ignition chamber is vented out a pipe or fireplace.

The framework used

Whatever kind of framework you have, don’t hold up until it separates to call for administration. A spotless, balanced warming framework will spare you cash on fuel and delay heater life. Yearly overhauling is shabby, regularly under $100, particularly when contrasted and the cost of another heater. You wouldn’t hold up over a year to benefit your auto. The warmth in your home is pretty much as essential but Air Conditioning Repair is also very necessary,

Try not to underestimate that your framework is running appropriately. You may believe that since you don’t see any issues with your heater or aeration and cooling system that your framework is working effectively. This, may not be the situation. Try not to put off your yearly HVAC review and administration. Your heater or aeration and cooling system could lose wastefulness. Issues that could’ve generally been gotten will be permitted to develop and make harm your HVAC unit, shortening its lifespan.

Take appropriate measures

The most imperative motivation behind why you ought to take measures to have your heater and ventilation system overhauled is for security. Regular gas and oil frameworks blaze fossil fuel, which can create destructive repercussions like carbon monoxide. You positively won’t have any desire to chance the soundness of yourself or your family by taking in the noxious gas, so make sure to have an expert heating and Air Conditioning Company performs the yearly upkeep on your unit.

Moreover, without a yearly investigation, your heater may have a more serious danger of starting a flame. Having your heater experience routine administration will altogether diminish the probability of having a disastrous mishap happen. Much of the time, a yearly administration investigation will permit the Heating and cooling contractual worker to catch potential issues before they happen. They will have the capacity to either cure the issue, or educate you on the best course with respect to activity to guarantee the wellbeing of your family.

It is vital for the expert to check for develop of soil and flotsam and jetsam inside the heater and ventilation system, and investigate the unit to guarantee the parts are in great working condition and are introduced accurately. Read more..

Tips On How To Find A Trustworthy Air Conditioning And Heating Company

You are depending on your HVAC throughout the year to keep you cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Therefor you need a good and trustworthy heating and air conditioning company that will deliver high quality service. It can be a long and frustrating work to find the best company for the job. To make it easier, here are some tips on how to find a trustworthy air conditioning and heating company for your home and office.

Company must have NATE certification

Every single heating and air conditioning company should have a NATE certificate to show that they are the real deal. You must have qualified technicians and must deliver good and reliable service to be able to have this certification. The company must be able to show this certificate to you if you ask them about it. If they don’t have one or if they making excuses why they can’t show you the certificate, you can be assured that they are not really qualified or that they don’t have a very good service. If they have the NATE certification, you can know that your air con is safe with them and that they do deliver good services in repairs, installing and even maintaining your HAVC.

Must be a factory authorized dealer

This may not sound very important, but just the best companies are classified as factory authorized dealers. Not all of the heating and air conditioning companies can say that they are factory authorized.there are some useful information can be found at http://www.lrb.co.uk/v36/n17/donald-mackenzie/be-grateful-for-drizzle.

If you know that they are the factory authorized dealer your air con is safe with them. They have the qualifications and experience in the air cons that have the air con factory’s stamp of approval. This isn’t just important for buying and installing your air con, but also for all the other services that they offer. You can know that the factory authorized dealer knows what he is doing and that they are trustworthy and reliable and delivering a high quality service to every home owner and business owner.

Must have experience and commitment

The third and final tip that you must know to find a trustworthy company for installing and buying your HVAC is experience and commitment. This is very important. You don’t want to have a company that doesn’t have any experience touched your air con. They just maybe will be able to break it even further instead of repairing your air con.

Stay away from companies without the necessary experience.

It is just as important to have a company working with your air conditioning system that has real commitment towards air conditions. They must have a passion for what they are doing. Otherwise you will not have the peace of mind that they will deliver a great service. And, just maybe they are not that trustworthy and reliable.

Because you are relying on your air conditioning system throughout the year to keep you comfortable, no matter what the temperature is, it is important to just use the most trustworthy and reliable heating and air conditioning Company for installing, repairing and maintaining your air cooling system.

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What Brings About Acne And Oily Skin And Goods To Deal With It

Do you have oily skin? Does it lead to frequent acne breakouts? Have you tried nearly all sorts of items but are however to uncover the right a person that will last but not least get rid of your acne? If you answered “yes” to all these concerns, then you are 1 of practically 17 million Americans, or about 85% of men and women aged twelve to 24 many years aged who undergo from various degrees of acne. But, even with the simple fact that it is one particular of the most normally happening skin disorders in the US, numerous men and women are nevertheless reluctant to seek out expert support. Luckily, a lot of items have now been formulated to facilitate therapy even at property. Even so, if you would like to undergo an lively acne and oily skin care therapy program, then right here are a several concerns and answers that will strengthen your knowledge.

What leads to your acne?

Generally, acne success from the combination of oil, technically regarded as sebum, bacteria and dead cells in the pores. From this definition on your own, you can see that acne may possibly be treated by appropriate cleansing and medicine to eliminate sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells. Other issues that may possibly set off acne consist of tension, fatty meals, genetic historical past, and so on.

What sort of skin kind do you have?

There are quite a few kinds of skin, which include dry, oily, mix, and delicate skin. When you have a skin kind that is labeled as oily, then this difficulty turn out to be even even worse due to the fact the presence of extreme oil facilitates the more quickly improvement of acne. To come up with an helpful acne skin treatment treatment, it is constantly better to recognize what kind of skin sort you have. With this data, you can effectively pick the correct prevention measures, merchandise to use, and foods to avoid.

What varieties of solutions may be safely utilized to deal with your acne?

A single of the best ways to stop acne is to avert the oil buildup in your pores. There are numerous solutions out there that can be incorporated into your skin treatment program. For example, Zenmed acne remedy goods do not just deal with acne, they also eradicate the likelihood of obtaining acne by treating it from within just. Its items detoxify your method and remove the free radicals that can facilitate the growth of much more acne. For this quite explanation, quite a few men and women are drawn to the natural and powerful formulation of this variety of solutions. This is why Zenmed has been capable to boast these kinds of quality purchaser assessments, feedback and testimonials.

Should You Use Baking Soda As An Acne Treatment

Baking soda is a popular DIY acne remedy. Almost everyone has a box of baking soda lying around in their house somewhere: It’s cheap, plentiful, and it’s great for cleaning things around your house. But while it’s true that baking soda may help shrivel up some of those pimples, you may be doing more harm to your skin in the long run and possibly even pave the way to worse breakouts later.

To understand why you shouldn’t use baking soda on your skin, you should know that baking soda is a strong base. It’s an alkaline, which puts its pH level somewhere at around 8. Now, consider this: Your face is covered by a natural, slightly acidic mantle. The natural pH balance of your face’s skin is somewhere between 4 and 6.

When you rinse your face with baking soda, you are literally stripping away that protective acidic mantle. That’s why it stings so much. This may not seem like a big deal, but your facial skin is slightly acidic for a reason: It helps protect your skin from bacteria and infections. When you strip away that layer, you’re leaving your skin vulnerable to damage. Even if you put aside the pH factor, baking soda is very harsh on your skin. With prolonged used, it will dry out your skin, leaving it red, irritated, and flaky.

Initially, the baking soda may take care of your worst acne problems. You may notice that your skin feels smoother. Your pimples may be smaller and appears to be less red. However, many people report that the baking soda treatment stops working after anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. They begin to experience worse breakouts than ever.

It’s worth noting that some people try to balance out the harsh effect of baking soda by following it up with apple cider vinegar diluted with water as a toner. The vinegar is acidic, and the idea is that it will restore your face to its proper pH value. The truth is, vinegar is much like baking soda in that it is a very harsh agent to use on your face. Haphazardly attempting to bring your facial skin back to its normal pH is a risky endeavor. It’s better to simply let your body’s natural pH balance alone.

The final thing to keep in mind is that DIY solutions such as baking soda are only addressing the symptoms, not the underlying cause of acne. The most effective way to control acne is to stop it before it has a chance to form. This is more tricky, since it means learning more about how acne lesions form, determining what your acne triggers are, and possibly making lifestyle changes to prevent it. However, if you want to enjoy clear skin without any nasty side effects, the effort is well worth it.

Foods To Prevent Acne The Pimple Reducing Diet Plan

The first thing to remember when you are seeking out foods to prevent acne, is that particular foods do not have superpowers. The healthiest foods are good for us, not because they target disease and conquer it, but because they provide the building blocks that the body needs to produce and let loose its own disease-fighting forces. At the same time, unhealthy foods introduce toxins that the body has to deal with, using up its resources and adding to its problems.

So left to itself, in ideal conditions, the body operates what is called homeostasis, where it prevents and cures its own diseases. It does this via the immune response, which identifies and deals with viruses, bacteria, toxins or foreign substances.

Imagine that you eat something like the worst kind of snack food made almost entirely of chemical additives and refined starches and fats. When that hits the stomach, the digestive system hits the panic button because there are a ton of things there that it does not recognize as food. The immune response rushes in and identifies a few nasty additives that might need neutralizing, and pulls them out for the liver to detoxify before they are passed out through the kidneys. The digestive system deals with the rest of the stuff as best it can, trying to extract any traces of vitamins and minerals that might be in the food, storing excess fat by filling the body’s fat cells or creating new ones so that the fat can be used for energy later if there is a famine, and excreting anything that is useless through the rear passage.

Now imagine that you eat a fresh apple. It’s even an organic apple so there are no pesticides. When that hits the stomach it is instantly recognized. No need for the immune system to rush to the rescue. Foods to prevent acne are foods like that apple.

So when you eat fresh food that is not refined or processed, and some of it preferably raw, the immune system can get on with its real job of ridding the body of infections and toxins that come in through the skin. So the body will become something closer to the natural self healing organism that it was designed to be. And one of the things that it will heal, of course, is acne.

That is why you will often be told that it is important to eat a healthy diet to prevent acne, but without naming any particular foods. Food should be as close to its natural state as possible but you can eat a wide range of whole, healthy foods.

Dairy foods can be included if they are organic, so that they do not contain the sex hormones that are fed to most cows. Sex hormones are the reason that the body starts producing excess sebum in puberty, causing acne, so we have enough of our own without adding to them by drinking them in our milk.

So the best foods to prevent acne include fresh fruit and vegetables, meat that is not blackened or fried (frying meats and fat can produce toxins), whole grains like corn, brown rice and whole grain pasta, nuts, seeds, beans etc.

Propane Generators For Home

What you Need to Know about Propane Generators for Home

If you are using propane to generate electricity and heat in your home, you may be curious about propane generators for home and exactly how they may be used to make your residence more comfortable and functional. Propane is a popular heating choice these days, and it can be used to power up stoves, water heaters, and many other household appliances and/or heating systems. When you choose a propane generator for your own home, you’ll be accessing a useful product that actually helps you to use power more efficiently, and to save a bit of cash on your monthly heating bills and power bills.

Sometimes, people who buy good-quality propane generators for home are able to shave hundreds of dollars off of their yearly energy bills. As you can see, choosing the right propane generator is a great way to use your hard-earned money wisely, as this type of product will almost certainly pay for itself over tim


There Are a Wide Selection of Choices in the Marketplace

When you’re shopping for propane generators for home, you should be aware that there are a selection of types and styles for sale. For example, you may choose a portable propane generator for home that you can move around to power up outdoor propane grills and other appliances. A standby propane generator that is kept inside your home will also be a perfect choice for power outages or other power-related emergencies.

Shopping for the perfect propane generator will take a little time, but you’ll gain so much peace of mind when you make a selection and bring your new generator home. If you’re searching for a portable or standby generator, you’ll also need to go shopping for propane cylinders to fuel your generator. However, these are usually available at the same places that sell a selection of propane generators for home use.

Do Your Shopping Online for Superior Convenience

The best way to find the right propane generator for your home is to do a little research and shopping via the World Wide Web. Lots of Internet outlets offer these generators for sale, but all propane generators for home are not created equal. To get the best appliance for your budget and personal needs. be sure to look at online product reviews from customers.

By checking Amazon.com or other big outlets, you can find out exactly what people think of certain brands of propane generators. Since there is such a vast selection of styles out there in the marketplace, comparison shopping is the best way to find a winner. Look for five-star product reviews, competitive pricing and low shipping rates. Even if you plan to buy your generator via a store in your community, you can still narrow your selection choices while “shopping” online.

As you can see, propane generators for home reduce heating and power bills, while also giving you more security during blackouts and gas leaks. Your generator will become an important part of your home, and a high-quality model should last for years as long as you maintain it according to the package instructions. When shopping and comparing a selection of propane generators for home, look for a model from a trusted manufacturer, and make sure the item has a good warranty.

What Leads To Acne And Oily Skin And Items To Treat It

Do you have oily skin? Does it lead to frequent acne breakouts? Have you experimented with almost all sorts of goods but are but to locate the ideal 1 that will eventually get rid of your acne? If you answered “yes” to all these queries, then you are a single of pretty much 17 million Americans, or close to 85% of people today aged twelve to 24 decades aged who suffer from various degrees of acne. Nevertheless, in spite of the actuality that it is a person of the most commonly taking place skin ailments in the US, a lot of men and women are even now reluctant to find professional assist. Luckily, many goods have now been formulated to facilitate treatment even at residence. Even so, if you would like to undergo an lively acne and oily skin treatment treatment method regimen, then here are a several inquiries and solutions that will strengthen your comprehending.

What brings about your acne?

In essence, acne benefits from the mixture of oil, technically acknowledged as sebum, bacteria and dead cells in the pores. From this definition alone, you can see that acne may be handled by right cleansing and medication to take away sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells. Other things that may well trigger acne contain strain, fatty meals, genetic heritage, and so on.

What sort of skin form do you have?

There are several types of skin, like dry, oily, mix, and sensitive skin. When you have a skin form that is classified as oily, then this difficulty turn into even even worse due to the fact the presence of excessive oil facilitates the more quickly advancement of acne. To come up with an effective acne skin treatment treatment method, it is usually much better to understand what variety of skin variety you have. With this data, you can appropriately decide on the proper prevention measures, items to use, and foods to avoid.

What types of items could be securely utilised to deal with your acne?

One of the finest ways to prevent acne is to protect against the oil buildup in your pores. There are several solutions out there that can be included into your skin treatment program. For example, Zenmed acne treatment method merchandise do not just deal with acne, they also remove the possibility of having acne by treating it from inside of. Its solutions detoxify your program and do away with the free of charge radicals that can facilitate the growth of additional acne. For this quite explanation, several people today are drawn to the healthy and efficient formulation of this range of goods. This is why Zenmed has been in a position to boast this kind of top quality purchaser testimonials, feedback and testimonials.

Chemical Peels For Acne Treatment

Two of the most commonly used chemical peels for acne treatment produced similar results in a small clinical study, but one led to more durable improvement and caused fewer side effects than the other.

Both salicylic acid and glycolic acid produced similar statistically significant (P<0.05) improvement after two treatments, Dee Anna Glaser, M.D., of St. Louis University, and colleagues reported in the February issue of Dermatologic Surgery.

But at two months of follow-up, there was more sustained improvement with the salicylic acid peel. Also, patients reported more adverse effects after the first treatment with glycolic acid.

“We expected to see a significant difference in effectiveness between the two peels owing to their different lipophilic properties, but out study did not prove this supposition,” the authors said. “Efficacy of chemical peels beyond a few weeks post-treatment is not well documented in the literature, but our study found that patients demonstrated significant sustained clinical improvement on the salicylic acid peel-treated side [of the face] at two months post-treatment.”

Inducing partial-thickness skin injury, superficial chemical peels are frequent adjuncts to treatment of facial acne vulgaris. Glycolic acid, a hydrophilic a-hydroxy acid, causes desquamation that reduces corneocyte cohesion and keratinocyte plugging, enabling extrusion of inflammatory contents. Salicylic acid, a lipophilic ß-hydroxy acid, also reduces corneocyte cohesion and works well on sebaceous areas of the face, the authors said.

To address a lack of comparative data, Dr. Glaser and colleagues studied 20 patients ages 13 to 38. The patients had mild or moderately severe facial acne, averaging 27 lesions at enrollment.

In accordance with the split-face, double-blind, randomized design, one half of each patient’s face was treated with glycolic acid and the contralateral side was treated with salicylic acid. The agents were applied every two weeks for a total of six treatments.

By the second treatment visit, both chemical peels had demonstrated similar and statistically significant decreases in acne lesions. The reduction in acne lesions continued through the first month of follow-up, averaging 43% with glycolic acid and 47% with salicylic acid (P<0.05). Blinded assessment revealed good or fair improvement on both sides of the face in 19 of 20 patients.

At the two-month follow-up, blinded evaluation demonstrated 75% improvement on the glycolic acid-treated side of the face and 81% on the side treated with salicylic acid. However, patients had developed more new acne lesions on the side of the face treated with glycolic acid. In contrast, the lesion number continued to decrease on the side of the face treated with salicylic acid (P<0.01 versus baseline).

Patient self-assessment showed that 41% of the study group thought the glycolic acid peel had led to more improvement compared with 35% of the salicylic acid side of the face. The remaining patients thought both peels worked equally well or that neither side of the face had improved (12% each). Additionally, 53% of the patients though the glycolic acid side “looked the best,” compared with 47% for salicylic acid peel.

The two types of chemical peels were associated with a similar number of adverse events, occurring most frequently during the first two treatments and then declining thereafter. The most commonly reported adverse events were peeling, redness, and scaling. Patients reported more adverse events on the glycolic acid side of the face after the first treatment but the difference was not significant from treatment with salicylic acid.

“The different lipophilic properties of the peels did not appear to impact their clinical effectiveness,” the authors concluded. “Our findings suggest that either a- or ß-hydroxy acid peel may be effectively used to treat mild or moderately severe facial acne vulgaris.”

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