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Know About Ultimate Arcade Machines From Geeks

Arcade games are still quite popular around the world. If you happen to be an arcade game lover, you have the option of buying a good arcade machine. But which one is to buy? You might be confused. Here are some of the ultimate arcade machines that you should go for. Each of these machines is unique and useful. Visit Game Room Owl to know more aspects of this.


This is one of the classic arcade machines produced by Namco. This was initially released in the year 1981. Now it got re-released. Compared to other arcade machines, this one is a little smaller in size due to which it saves quite a lot of space. 

This machine’s artwork is inspired by two iconic video games Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man. The combination of these two great styles makes this arcade machine’s cabinet quite unique and distinct out there. Other than a cabinet, there happen to be other 11 Namco titles included in the machine-like Dig Dug, Rally-X and Mappy etc. 

Four Player Co-Op: Turtles in the time arcade machine

This is another great arcade machine where you can play games with your friends. If you are the biggest Nina Turtle fan, then getting this arcade machine is a must for you. Three other players can play with you on this machine. The gaming experience will certainly be unique and distinct to say the least. You can certainly enjoy playing some of the best arcade game in this machine. 

Street Fight: Big Blue Arcade Machine

Street Fighters is one of the most epic fighting games ever released. This Big Blue Arcade machine is specifically designed on the theme of Street Fighter game. Hence, if you happen to be fanboy of this, then you should certainly go for this machine.

This machine enables you to play games with another player as it is a two-player game. But if you do not have a partner, then no worries, this cabinet also comes with online multi-player. You will surely have a lot of fun and enjoyment while playing games on this arcade machine. This was specifically introduced to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary Street Fighter game release. 

Simpsons Arcade Machine

Simpsons is an extremely popular animated show that has its appeal to millions around the world. The expressive animation and theme is used to make this unique arcade machine. Therefore, if you love this show, you have all the reasons for getting this machine to play your favourite games with your buddies.

This cabinet comes with four different sets of controls. Moreover, it has a separate connectivity that you are supposed to make best use of to play online. Choosing this arcade machine will surely be beneficial for you.


To gather more information on different arcade machines, you should visit Game Room Owl. All these described arcade machines are to cost you differently. You have to fix your budget first and then buy a specific machine following that.

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