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How To Identify A Fake Psychic Reading

If you are afraid of getting ripped off by a fake psychic reader then you’ve found the right place. There are a lot people out there that give out a fake psychic reading. They have fancy booths or amazing tricks to fool you. You will be drawn in because of the enigmatic atmosphere. Then you pay the fee only to get a bogus psychic reading. Here are some of the signs that the psychic reader is possibly a fake.

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Psychic Information Delving

It’s not bad to give some information to a psychic reader. Some psychics say that they need some sort of info to get an “aura”. Usually, a psychic reader will ask your birthday. Then they give out your psychic reading. However, some psychics ask for too much information.

They’ll start asking about important dates, places, mother’s maiden name and people in your life. Be careful! You don’t need to put out a lot of information just to get your reading. Remember that some of the important information could be used to access your accounts! This is a danger sign especially if you use your credit card in paying the fake psychic.

Cryptic Card Readings

Let’s say you are going to visit a psychic tarot reader. The tarot reader specializes in answering questions using a tarot deck. Try to avoid a psychic tarot reader who asks for payment each time he or she shuffles the deck. After you’ve asked your question to the tarot reader, you get to influence the deck by helping the reader in the shuffling. Then the tarot reader will lay down some tarot cards and begin answering your question. Pay attention to the cards!

You can catch a fake psychic tarot reader by asking the same question again and having the cards shuffled. Fake readers will repeat the first psychic reading with a different set of cards! That would be impossible as a psychic tarot reader has to rely on the tarot cards. If the tarot cards are different from before, the tarot reader should have made a different reading.

Pseudoscientific Predictions

The pseudoscience astrology has a long and speckled past. Some say that the earliest form of astrology was when man tried to explain why certain events occurred when a specific celestial body appeared. An astrologer makes predictions by using accumulated writings of past events and celestial body interactions. It is then called as an astrology reading.

People tend to believe in astrology readings because of the use of celestial bodies which can be observed by anyone. Usually, they ask for your birthdate to find your Zodiac sign. A zodiac is one of the 12 constellations that appear prominent for each month of a year. What astrologers do is predict your future by looking at your zodiac constellation and the celestial bodies that affect it. You could have a disaster if a specific planet is angling towards your zodiac. Luck could be found today because a comet passed through. However, you have to remember that there could be millions of people sharing the same Zodiac sign.

Always be wary when you have your future predicted. Even if our future is unclear, the surprises we get make our life exciting. You could always rely on your intuition; it’s free, unlimited and right most of the time.

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