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How Long Does it Take to Detox THC From Your System?

The chemical compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis. It is also the most commonly detected drug in urine tests, making it important for people who use marijuana medically or recreationally to understand how long THC stays in their system and how they can detoxify it. If you are wondering how long does it take to detox THC from your system, then read on; this article will provide an overview of what forms of THC are stored in different parts of the body, as well as some tips on how to reduce their levels using detox pills. For more information on how to choose and use the best detox pills for your needs, you can refer to MercuryNews’s guide to detox pills.

What Forms of THC Are Stored In The Body?

When people ingest cannabis, both Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and its metabolites are absorbed into their bloodstream. These compounds can be found throughout the body: in fat cells and organs such as the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys and brain. As a result, these tissues contain trace amounts of THC even after its effects have worn off.

How Long Does It Take For The Body To Detoxify THC?

The amount of time it takes for the body to detoxify itself completely varies from person to person depending on factors like weight, gender and metabolism rate. Generally speaking, however, detectable levels of THC usually remain in urine for around two weeks. Hair follicle testing has been known to detect traces up to 90 days after last use but this test is not widely used because it is costly and time consuming compared with other methods.

Can You Speed Up The Process With Detox Pills?

MercuryNews’s guide to detox pills suggests that certain products on the market can help speed up the process of flushing out remaining traces of THC from your system – some even promise results in just 24 hours! However, these products should be used cautiously as they do not guarantee success and could interfere with regular medication or medical conditions if taken improperly without consulting a doctor beforehand.

Are There Any Natural Home Remedies That Can Help?

If you do not want to take a supplement, there are still things you can do at home that can help reduce THC levels naturally over time – such as drinking plenty of water or eating foods high in fibre, which can aid digestion and help eliminate toxins from your body more quickly than usual. In addition, regular exercise has been shown to increase the metabolic rate, which also helps to flush out substances like THC much faster, so make sure you get enough exercise if you are trying this method!

Are there any other ways of avoiding drug tests?

Apart from natural remedies or supplements specifically designed to flush out drugs like marijuana, another way people try to avoid detection on drug tests is by diluting their urine sample with water before submitting it for analysis – although this only works if done correctly, otherwise testers may become suspicious due to its abnormally low specific gravity reading! Finally, abstaining from cannabis use for several days prior to any test is always going to be the safest option if you want to ensure a successful pass every time, without having to worry about taking extra precautions beforehand at all…


In conclusion, understanding exactly how long it takes for the body to naturally rid itself of cannabinoids such as delta-9-THC is difficult to give a definitive answer as everyone metabolises differently based on personal traits such as age, gender etcetera; however, generally speaking, detectable levels in urine samples usually stay around two weeks whereas hair testing is more accurate yet expensive and rarely used apart from workplace settings where standardised procedures are essential to ensure fair reliable testing across the board regardless of individual cases… But those looking to expedite the cleansing process there are various options available including MercuryNews’ guide detox pills well home remedies dietary changes exercise regimes either case abstain best practice order ensure have nothing to worry about come day job interview random screening events life…

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