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Everything About A Condo- Types Of Condos And Essential Features To Consider Before Buying

Those planning to buy a property know that the market is filled with options. However, in the end, it is all about the right home that fits the budget, is safe, and has the amenities to live a good life. 

These days condos are the most common choice for new home buyers. Houses are slowly becoming more expensive and, at times, are hard to maintain. On the other hand, the condos are priced less, have several facilities, and are easy to maintain. 

Today one can find different condo types ranging from low rise to high rise condos from some of the best developers like North Gaia. These condos can be either in smaller premises or by some of the best developers in the city. Here is a guide to what all types of condos one can find and what are some of the best features of condos:

Types of condos

Condos are divided into different types and categories when it comes to condos. The three common categories of condos are:

  • High end:

These, as the name suggests, are the most expensive condos in town. They are usually located in prime locations and are designed most luxuriously. They also have the best facilities. 

  • Mid-market:

These are perfect for those who want a little semblance of luxury but on budget. They are usually located near prime locations and are mid-ranged properties with good amenities. 

  • Mass market:

These are mostly suburb condos that are less priced and are a pocket-friendly option. They are not too jam-packed in facilities and amenities compared to the other two types. 

When it comes to condos in general, they can be differentiated based on the design and floor plan. The most common types are bedroom units and studio condos. Also, those who are into a new style of condos can find loft-style condos. In the expensive condos range, one can find bi-level condos and penthouse condos. These are more luxurious and tend to have more rooms and space comparatively. One can find different properties with different sizes and room numbers. 

Features of condos

Some of the features of condos that are making these residential projects worth it are:

– Condos are safe as they are usually in guarded and secured premises. 

– One can find that condos are well designed and well built with modern designs.

– The condos can be found in different sizes and are designed for all types of families and buyers.

– The condos are usually located near or in the city center, thus providing better access.

– Other associations maintain these types of residences. This means one will not have to maintain repairing and to look after the property.

– One gets several special amenities while living in condos like gyms, clubs, pools, etc. 

Condos are slowly becoming more popular due to their more pocket-friendly pricing and better maintenance. People with less time on their hands; prefer condos, as they will have to spend less time taking care of the place. 

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