Dab Torches vs. Lighters: Which is Better for Dabbing? Shop Dab Torches

The dabbing trend has taken the world of cannabis by storm, and as any seasoned dabber knows, having the right equipment is essential for enjoying a successful session. But when it comes to selecting your heat source, what’s better—dab torches or lighters? The answer depends on several factors that we’ll explore in this article.

Why Choose a Torch Over a Lighter?

When you consider all of the advantages that come with using a torch over a lighter, it’s easy to see why so many dabbers prefer them. Specifically, torches are much more efficient and reliable than lighters because they create an incredibly powerful flame that can reach very high temperatures quickly and remain consistent throughout use. Plus, torches also feature adjustable flame settings which give you greater control over temperature while dabbing.

What About Safety?

Safety should be at the forefront of every dabber’s mind when choosing their heat source. While both torches and lighters can be dangerous if used improperly, our recommendation would be to go with a torch simply because their design makes them safer overall. For instance, most modern models are designed ergonomically with built-in childproofing features like ignition locks and trigger guards which provide an extra layer of protection against accidents during use.

Which Type of Fuel Should You Use?

There are two main types of fuel used in both torches and lighters: butane and propane gas mixtures. Each type has its own unique benefits to offer; however, butane tends to be the preferred choice due to its clean-burning properties which make it safer for those around you while you’re dabbing. Additionally, since butane burns cooler than propane does it won’t produce too much heat (which could potentially damage delicate components) making it ideal for heating up quartz nails without causing unnecessary wear-and-tear over time.

What Are Some Popular Torch Models?

If you’re ready to invest in a quality torch there are plenty of great options available on the market today from reputable brands like Blazer Big Shot GT8000 and Scorch Torch Double Flame Dragon model just to name a few popular ones. They typically range in price depending on size/features offered however most will cost anywhere between $30-$100 USD making them quite affordable compared to other types of heating devices out there like electronic nail kits or domeless rigs which can run into hundreds or thousands dollars depending on complexity/brand etc…

 What Type Of Lighter Is Best For Dabbing?

If you decide not to go with a torch then your best option would be either disposable or refillable butane lighters such as Clipper brand’s classic plastic version (which usually run around $3 each). Disposable versions may seem more convenient however these tend not have adjustable flames so keep that in mind before buying one! Rechargeable versions may cost more upfront but they last longer so might be worth investing if plan on doing lots dabs regularly without having replace lighter often 🙂


Ultimately whether you choose torch vs lighter really comes down personal preference based on budget/safety needs etc… That said though generally speaking most experienced users agree that going torched route offers superior performance & reliability along with added safety features so definitely worth considering if looking get most out your next sesh! So head online now Shop Dab Torches today find perfect match whatever preferences may be!

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