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Carding through Carding Forums: A Fraudulent Crime to Beware of

With the growth and developments of the world happening for years and decades together, everything is stepping up its game, be it in terms of communication, education, transportation, and whatnot. And the invention of technology has played a great role in taking these various things to a more-developed stage. Technology is something that has been in place since the 19th century and is an ever-developing arena leaving scope for millions of inventions and methodologies. But just like everything is said to have its pros and cons, even technologies have their cons in place. And one of the most significant disadvantages is its use to commit frauds and crimes.

Cybercrime- An offense

We have all heard of unfortunate cases of crimes such as theft, murder, etc. Still, with the invention of technology, criminals too have advanced their game by using the latest tech, such as computers, the Internet, websites, etc., to commit different other frauds. This range all the way from hacking your banking data or your private information to illegally trying to gain access to your credit card pins, your contacts, and whatnot. One of these crimes, which are slowly coming to light in recent times, is carding. 

What is carding?

People, these days, prefer using various other payment methods apart from the good old cash transfer, simply due to its convenience. One of the widely used methods of payment is through credit or debit cards. These are linked directly to the bank accounts of the users to withdraw money whenever needed just by entering a pin and CVV number of the card, making it a tempting offer for thefts to take place. The act of stealing credit or debit card details and then using them for personal benefit is called carding. This is considered an illegal and offensive act. 

How do these take place?

Carding can take place in many unknowing ways, such as-

  • Fake websites-

Some websites may trap you into entering your card details which then can’t be reverted

  • Carding sites

There are lots of websites online that sell credentials of cards to people for money, be it the CVV number, bank logs, cloned cards, etc

  • Fake calls-

Hackers may ring you up asking to confirm a transaction where you might unknowingly end up providing them details

  • ATM Machines-

These machines can be hacked or manipulated by hackers to get you to enter your valuable information

  • Guesswork-

In the worst-case scenario, people might also end up randomly correct guessing card numbers and pins in case of easy or frequent passwords

Hence, the technology is not entirely a safe space to be trusted with valuable information. It is necessary that we take immediate precautions to not fall prey to carding sites and hackers and be careful as to whom and what websites we trust our information with. Such cybercrimes are undoubtedly punishable by the law, and to avoid being trapped by them, we need to take extra precautions.

Paul Cantwell is a news writer from Singapore. He works for and has contributed thousands of content covering wide variety of topics