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Anonymous Call- Online Remedy

The mobile phone is a peculiar device because it, just like every other electronic gadget, has its fair share of pros and cons that we have to deal with but it gave way to wired telephones and became our friend that we can carry around in our pocket.

A major problem that everyone has faced is the anonymous calls that we get almost every other day where the caller, intentionally or unintentionally, chews the brains out by wanting to talk to a person that doesn’t exist for us or a customer care salesman/insurance agent that keeps pestering to accept a new offer all the time.

Then there are those anonymous callers that call us with malicious intent for they use private numbers so that no one can trace them and this practice is harassing where the caller wants to stalk their intended prey, which is most of the times a woman pursued for sexual harassment.

Internet Rescue

People receive hundreds of calls each day and until recently it was difficult to decipher the caller’s identity but TrueCaller provides general information that has made it easier to receive and avoid calls in general although the information may not be accurate sometimes.

If you want to find out who is anonymously calling you then it can be done with some simple online research through reverse phone lookup, a gray page telephone directory that contains numbers associated with customers along with details of their identity and address.

But one should not mistake it for a normal telephone directory where you just need to enter the customer details to retrieve the number of the person or business firm whereas you have to enter the service number to retrieve the customer details for a reverse telephone directory.

Just as always, it is the internet that comes to the rescue in such occasions where you can use Google to search for the details with websites like Truth Finder, Intelius and several others but one that deserves a mention is CocoFinder that was mentioned on Pocket-lint, a renowned website where people give their reviews on various gadgets used.

When it comes to reverse phone lookup, CocoFinder is not spoken in the same sentence as the aforementioned ones but just like any other lookup, you have to enter the phone number of the person and his/her name and address would pop up.


You would recall when you would receive a call from an unknown number, which most people block after deciphering the identity of the person from True Caller so you can say that reverse telephone system is the same that was followed prior to the modern day tech in mobile phones.

CocoFinder can be found online on its homepage and select the ‘Phone Lookup’ option and enter the 10 digit phone number that needs to be traced and then click on ‘Search’ following which the results will pop up in a few seconds.

Once the search results appear, click on the individual’s profile and a mine of information regarding the person will appear before your eyes.

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